We shape our dwellings. And afterwards, our dwellings shape us. — Winston Churchill

What Green Means

Filla Green Design+Build is committed to using sustainable materials, practices and design principles. Going green doesn't mean spending more, it means thinking about systems holistically and using common sense...

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Remodeling and Home Design

Sustaining Our Future

When we retreat from our work-a-day world, we want solace. We want to help plant the seeds of serenity in your home through thoughtful, personalized design that fits you as an individual. We are passionate about listening – to you and your environment. Your space should reflect YOU, not us. You have the vision, we help you bring it to life.


Building dreams for over thirty years

With over 30 years in the industry as a carpenter, project manager, general contractor and designer, Tom Filla has broad experiences that allow him to work with you in shaping your home to reflect personal and family dreams. He's built relationships with highly skilled and reliable subcontractors as well as a long list of references which we'll be happy to share. A teacher and a counselor by education, he values his capacity as an intent listener as highly as his skills as a builder.